Yoga & Nutrition for Women’s Health

Hi I’m Amy

Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher and Women’s Wellness Coach

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I started my business Moon Life once I realised the healing power of the feminine. I know how it feels to struggle with your health, despite feeling like you are doing everything right. After many years of missing periods, poor mental health and physical symptoms, I believed my body was against me. The medical system had nothing to offer me except a life time of pills and potentially surgery and fertility treatment down the line.

I always felt like there was something more. I knew intuitively my body was more powerful but somehow I was blocking that energy. Thankfully this instinct led me to determined study of women’s health and self-experimentation. Finally I found a way to overcome chronic fatigue and hormonal imbalances. By reconnecting with my feminine body through yoga, cycle syncing and truly supportive nutrition I was able to restore my periods and find true wellbeing.

That’s why I am now so passionate about helping women to find true health and vitality. I am here to help you to balance your hormones and to feel good in your feminine body again through:

  • Hatha and restorative yoga
  • Ayurvedic inspired nutrition
  • Wellness coaching
  • Menstrual cycle practice
  • Deep inner work

Yoga & Nutrition for Women’s Health Online and Athens Greece

I offer holistic nutrition consultations, and private yoga sessions as well as wellness packages to support you in becoming a healthier, happier you! All services are available online or at my office in central Athens, Greece.

Training and Qualifications

Over the last five years I have studied extensively to deeply understand yoga & nutrition for women’s health. Moreover, I am continuously applying knowledge to support my clients health and my own.


Continuous professional development 2022:


yoga & nutrition for women's health


yoga & nutrition for women’s health

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