5 day reset – day 1

So today was the first day of my 5 day mini-cleanse. I didn’t start off on the right foot as for some reason my sleep was terrible last night. I’m not going to over-analyse it, I’ve learnt by now that it’s better to just accept it and move on, but I was feeling pretty tired this morning and not exactly full of the motivation I’d hoped for at the start of this reset.

What I did today

Once I managed to drag myself out of bed I started my day with a 15 minute meditation  and spent a bit of time writing in my journal. It’s been a couple of weeks since I wrote anything as I’ve had a pretty packed schedule so there are quite a few things bubbling underneath the surface that I need to explore. I’ve been struggling with some uncomfortable feelings of guilt, confusion and sadness that I know I need to process. It’s too easy to push negative thoughts and emotions away when we have the busy-ness of life as a distraction. I said in my post yesterday that this is not just a physical cleanse but that I also want to give myself some time to reflect and get some mental clarity too.

This afternoon I did an at home yoga practice and went out for a walk around a local nature park. Sunday was the perfect day to start this cleanse as I had nothing to do except chill and have a bit of me-time. It was so good to get out in nature, it was absolutely freezing but one of those sunny winters days that I love where everything feels bright and light. I felt really calm and happy and my energy was pretty good too. No headaches so far although I did make the mistake of going too long without eating as I forgot to take food out with me and I got soooo hungry I was literally running through the door to get to the fridge by the time I got home. Something I forgot was how much longer fats fill you up for compared with carbs in fruit!

20191201_142547.jpg  20191201_142203.jpg

What I ate today

I had a yummy chocolate and maca smoothie bowl for breakfast. Since I quit coffee I have been having cacao in some form most days as it still gives me that energy boost but without the nerve-frazzling effects of coffee. It is also a good source of essential minerals such as iron, magnesium and calcium. I like including maca too as it gives a slight caramel taste and it is thought to balance hormones and boost fertility and libido. The slightly controversial ingredient for a cleanse is sea salt. For a few months now I’ve been adding a pinch of sea salt to my water and smoothies to balance out the mineral profile. This is something I recommend to anyone struggling with adrenal fatigue but I’m not going to go into detail about that here, I will write more in a later post.

20191201_095730.jpg Smoothie bowl recipe 

Blend together in a food processor:

3 frozen bananas

1 cup unsweetened soy milk

2 tbps cacao powder

1/2 tbps maca root powder

Pinch sea salt

Sprinkle with hemp seeds for extra crunch

I had a late breakfast so I wasn’t feeling too hungry at lunch time. I had two giant grapefruits which is my faaaave fruit right now. I know it’s too bitter for a lot of people but I just love it. It is great for detoxing and said to boost oestrogen so maybe it’s exactly what my body needs – I love how intelligent our bodies are when we pay attention to them! I also had a couple of the raw vegan truffles I made yesterday and some licorice tea in my new favourite mug when I got back from my walk.

20191201_130221.jpg   20191201_155600.jpg

For dinner I had left over baked sweet potatoes, black beans and veggies with a simple tahini dressing. I added nutritional yeast for a bit of a protein boost and for a healthy dose of zinc and vitamin B12 as these are two nutrients that are lacking in a vegan diet. I am also taking a liquid vitamin D supplement but this is something that I do all through the winter anyway living in the UK and recommend to anyone living in a colder climate.


Tahini dressing recipe

2 tbsp tahini

1tsp soy sauce

1 tsp lemon juice

1 tbsp nutritional yeast

Mix in a bowl and gradually add hot water to thin out

It’s evening now and I am just going to chill and watch a film or play my guitar as I am trying to switch off my computer a few hours before bedtime. I also only have a couple of chapters left of the book I’ve been reading (The Last Kingdom by Bernard Cornwell – highly recommend especially to anyone who likes the TV show!). Tomorrow I have a full day in the office so I need to make sure I am prepared with plenty of healthy food for the day. I definitely want to have plenty of fruit but also I think I need to eat nuts or seeds too to keep my blood sugar balanced and stop me from getting hungry every hour..

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