5 day reset – day 2

Sooo I definitely learned some lessons from yesterday! I think my blood sugar went on a rollercoaster after that dip in the afternoon as I woke up in the next really hot and wide awake. I tried deep breathing and after a while got up and read for a bit to try and relax my brain. I started to get hungry and I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep with my belly rumbling so I got up and had some toast with peanut butter. I don’t like eating during the night as I feel like it disrupts my digestion but I know when I haven’t eaten enough so I had to feed myself and I felt better afterwards.

I did manage to get back to sleep but felt pretty awful this morning and had to drag myself to work. I decided to go for a less carby breakfast in the hope of keeping my blood sugar stable so I made my choca-maca smoothie but as a hot drink without the bananas and with coconut milk -so yummy! I had 2 apples and some mixed nuts too and that filled me up till lunch time. Lunch was nothing new – same as yesterday dinner sweet potato, spinach, beans and tahini dressing. In my opinion it helps to eat similar meals during a reset as it stops you thinking too much about what to eat and your digestive system knows what to expect.



Choca-maca yumminess

1/4 cup coconut milk (from a can)

3/4 cup boiling water

2 tbsp cacao powder

1/2 tbsp maca root powder

Pinch sea salt



I definitely think I still have some sensitivity to blood sugar imbalance as I felt much more balanced after eating higher fats. Some people seem to do really well on super high carb diets but I’m not one of them (even though I know this I still try it, hopefully I will learn soon!).  I know it’s a never ending debate in the world of nutrition and I really think you have to listen to your body on this one. I seem to get hungry much faster and also my huger hits me like a ton of bricks whereas after higher fats it is much smoother and gradual hunger like, hey, I’m getting hungry now rather than GIVE ME ALL THE FOOD NOW. I felt pretty good all afternoon and got lots of work done.

20191202_180239.jpg    20191202_180351.jpg

I munched on a grapefruit on the way home and took some time to play guitar and do a home yoga practice. I am filming these and thinking about sharing some sequences but I am struggling with a lot of self-doubt around it at the moment as I see all these super-flexi goddesses on instagram and I feel like I am not good enough even though I am a trained yoga teacher. I know its a stupid belief but its one that is difficult to get over it – I am working on it! Let me know if you would be interested in seeing some yoga flows or tips for beginners 🙂 now I am about to enjoy dinner of toast with stir-fry kale and mushrooms with this amazing beetroot sourdough bread I found followed by a few more of those raw vegan truffles.

20191202_194335    20191202_181215

So I think that’s all I really want to say about day 2. Then I’m going to sit myself down and do some journalling and meditation as I didn’t drag myself out of bed in time to do it this morning and one of my intentions coming into this reset was do take the time for this daily. I have another busy work day tomorrow and I am out visiting a site so that will be interesting and I will have to be prepared with lots of healthy food so that I’m not tempted by the coffee and biscuits. I hope will get a better nights’ sleep and I will check in tomorrow for day 3 and some updates on the acne situation!


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