5 day reset – day 3 & 4

Almost at the end of the 5 day reset! I didn’t post yesterday as I didn’t have much to say and I basically ate the same as the day before so nothing exciting there either. I am feeling ok but my sleep hasn’t improved which is really annoying. Despite that though my energy levels have been pretty good once I got over the first couple of hours. I am doing a much better job of balancing my blood sugars now, it has really helped to have a higher fat breakfast and not overdo it with fruit first thing in the morning. But I am still waking up around 2-4am then several times after that before my alarm goes off.

I am guessing my sleep issues are mostly stress related as I am super busy at work and I have gone through a huge life change recently. It’s strange though as I don’t feel anxious during the day but at night it’s as if my mind won’t switch off. It’s not really worry or panic its more that my brain decides that now is a good time to start planning for the next day.. or week or month! Maybe this is anxiety, I guess I don’t really know but it’s different from how I have experienced it in the past. I have learned a lot about adrenal fatigue over the last year and I do think that cortisol levels being out of whack can really affect levels of alertness during the night. I am employing allll of my sleep improving tips and nothing is helping at all.

The other thing I was hoping to improve during this cleanse was my skin and I have to say it has gotten worse! I had some hormonal acne that I wanted to clear up before this weekend and I thought eating lots of fruit would flush out my system and help to clear my skin. However.. the first day or 2 I got a few new spots, painful cystic ones that are deep under the skin. I haven’t had any more since then but my jaw and chin is still inflamed and red which is definitely not the look I was going for. I never promised that this would be the perfect cleanse with amazing results it is just my own experiment and honest results! On a positive note, my hair looks great although I doubt 4 days of a cleanse could really have made a difference there 🙂

20191202_183121    20191202_183238

I have been doing yoga and meditation every day and I’m really happy with how this is affecting my mind and body. I’m sure that this is keeping me going and smiling despite the lack of sleep. I feel light and flexible (well for me at least) and focused during my practice which is really helping to pay attention to my body and find my edge during poses to slowly open up. I have noticed several areas of tightness and clenching in muscles in places that I tend to hold stress, especially my left hip and right shoulder. I have really been trying to breathe into these areas and let go of some tension, physically and emotionally as I know I tend to hang on tight and find it hard to surrender.

So tomorrow is the final day. I am sticking to my higher fat diet still with lots of fruits and veggies but also including coconut milk and olive oil, nuts and seeds to keep my blood sugar stable. I have a lot of driving to do for work and actually I don’t think I chose the best week for this reset at all but I didn’t expect it to be so chaotic. I am ready for the weekend already! For now I am enjoying playing my guitar as it’s freezing outside and I don’t feel like going anywhere. I’m coming towards the end of my cycle and definitely feeling that inwards turning introverted feeling rising. 

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