Full moon forgiveness ritual

Last night I randomly woke up around 3.30am. I lay awake in bed for a bit but I had this nagging urge to get up and move around. I do get insomnia pretty often and with the current lockdown situation its been worse than usual so I wasn’t too surprised but then I looked out of the window and remembered it was the full moon and not just any full moon but a super moon..crazy! Not the best photo but here is my quick snap of my view from outside my front door.


I have been getting more interested in working with the lunar cycles as well as my menstrual cycle since the start of this year. I treated myself to the “Moonology” journal by Yasmin Boland which tells you the phase of the moon and the astrological sign it is moving through each day. I didn’t really know much about astrology before, I even had no idea what a rising sign was, but it is really fascinating and I am finding myself wanting to learn more. Here is the free astrological chart I downloaded from her site. So beautiful!


She also gives meditation and journalling exercises for every new and full moon. Usually I do these at night before I go to bed but but last night was the perfect opportunity to have a true full moon ritual. I went outside to feel the night air on my skin and the ground underneath my feet. Even though it’s spring now in the UK, it was pretty cold so after a few deep breaths I decided to move inside. I lit some candles and sat by the window. I listened to the full moon meditation and chant (see here) and really surrendered to the experience and wrote in my moon journal what came up.

I don’t know whether it was the powerful energy of the super moon or the fact that I am due to bleed any day now but I found this a really emotional experience. The full moon is all about forgiving and letting go of things that don’t serve you anymore. I realised I am carrying responsibility for mistakes I have made in the past and continuing to repeat negative thoughts and beliefs about myself on a daily basis. I know this isn’t serving me and I focused on letting these float away. I really felt held during this meditation and afterwards I felt lighter as if a weight I didn’t even know I was carrying had been lifted from my shoulders. Even today I have felt happy and energetic despite losing half a night’s sleep.

The full moon is a really good time to reflect on any fears, worries, arguments or events that have happened in the last month and release negative energies to clean the slate for the start of a new cycle. Often we are so busy with life that we don’t pay attention to our thoughts and emotions and squash them down. We can distract ourselves with excessive busy-ness or use compulsive behaviours such as food, shopping, substances to numb ourselves but these unprocessed emotions are stored in our body and eventually can lead to disease. Recently I have been journalling a lot and so much long forgotten stuff has come up and this full moon was the perfect time to let all of this go.

I don’t think this is a one off and done kind of thing. I think surrendering is something we have to keep coming back to, letting go of all of the old energy and allowing new emotions to move through more easily. I really believe in the power of ritual and cycles and I think taking the opportunity to hit reset each month is something that everyone could benefit from. I am definitely going to keep this ritual in my monthly routine (although maybe not the waking up at 3am part!)

Over to you…

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