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This weekend I hosted the first of many sessions of outdoors yoga in Athens. I love practicing yoga outdoors, it’s so different from being in a studio or at home. Both of these are valuable too but there is something about moving and breathing outdoors in the fresh air that takes it to the next level! Especially in beautiful surroundings like the beach, the mountains or a park where you have the sounds of nature as the backdrop. It leaves me feeling relaxed, refreshed and energised every time.

Since I moved to Athens last year, it has been difficult to set up a regular face to face class due to COVID restrictions. Now we are heading into the second winter and it doesn’t look like it will get any easier. So for now I think teaching outdoors yoga in Athens is the way to go. My intention is to set up outdoors Yoga in the Park sessions in different parks around Athens. Partly I am writing this post for anyone reading to let me know about any beautiful parks in the city that would be suitable for practicing yoga outdoors.

First session of outdoor yoga in Athens

The first session was last Sunday in Alsos Papagou park, close to the metro station Ethniki Amina (Σταθμός Εθνική Άμυνα). It was so lovely to have three ladies show up on a Sunday morning to practice together. The outdoors yoga session was held in the public gym area with beautiful greenery around and other active and motivated people walking, running and playing sports.

It was a beginners level yoga class with the theme of finding balance. That is balance between the masculine and feminine or yin and yang energy. Also the balance between rest and activity, movement and stillness, pushing forward and sitting back. We all felt stretch out and mentally clear and calm after the class. What a great way to start our Sunday.

Afterwards we went for a nice hot tea or coffee to warm up and a group of other ladies joined us for a brunch at Piu Verde cafe. It was so lovely to meet like-minded people and connect in these challenging times. I love living in Greece but life as an expat comes with it’s challenges and stresses. Yoga and especially outdoors yoga is a great way to release some of that pressure and tension to be able to enjoy all of the joys of living in this beautiful country.

If you are an expats or a local interested in yoga, why not join me for future outdoors yoga in Athens sessions!

Future sessions of outdoor yoga in Athens

I have another Yoga in the Park session planned, this time in Galatsi park. Also on the cards is a Yoga in the Mountain session at Ymittos which I am so looking forward to! This one needs a bit of planning and a nice weather day but we will make it happen. I am also very excited to host Yoga on the Beach sessions in Athens once to spring rolls around again.

Head over to the Yoga Classes page to read more about my yoga practice and teaching style as well as to see the current class schedule. You can also contact me directly by email at lovemoonlife.mail@gmail.com or message me through Facecook at Moon Life Yoga and Nutrition if you have any questions.

If you are interested in joining future outdoors yoga in Athens, Greece, leave me a comment here and join my Facebook group Moon Life Well Women. I will share information about future sessions as well as run polls for times and locations for those who are interested. I also run weekly online yoga classes on Thursdays at 8.30pm Greek time for those who like to practice from the comfort of their own home. Again, see the Yoga Classes page for more information and to sign up.

You can also follow my blog here to be updated when I post a new article. I regularly share posts about holistic health, nutrition and yoga for women and hormonal healing. So if you are interested in any of those, stay tuned! I look forward to connecting with you and seeing you at a future outdoors yoga in Athens session.

Over to you…

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6 thoughts on “Outdoors yoga in Athens Greece

    • AmyCulli says:

      That sounds great! I hope you can find a way to get back to it. If you don’t like practicing alone you can always download a yoga podcast to follow along to I have done that in the past 🙂

  1. eartheá says:

    Adonis Tritsis Park! (And not just because it’s right by my house and I want to come haha). There is a lot of open space there. I love yoga outside – two of my favourite things!

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