Full moon yoga sequence for opening the heart

Yoga full moon sequence

This morning at 9.17am we had the full moon here in Athens. Yesterday I was definitely feeling the full moon energies! Lately I have been far too much in my mental body as I have been working on some interesting projects. As a result I had neglected some building emotional energy. Whatever we push down always makes it’s way back to the surface full force and yesterday was that day.

At these times I always turn to my yoga practice for support and connection within. So today I decided to share a yoga full moon sequence to support you to connect with your heart space. This practice helps you to acknowledge your emotions before they start screaming to be heard. At the end of the post there is a follow along yoga full moon sequence video if you want to join me in a practice today. If you enjoy the practice, head over to my Youtube channel and follow along for more free yoga videos!

Women and the full moon energy

As women we live in an inherent cycle, whether we realise it or not. Our energy and emotional state are governed by the hormonal rhythms within us but also by the subtle energies of the lunar cycle and the seasons. Nowadays we are so tuned out that we don’t always make the connection. We write energetic changes off as random or as a result of external circumstances. But since I started to observe the moon as well as the shifts in my inner experience, I really started to notice the relationship between the two.

For a start, I was surprised to see that my menstrual cycle gradually began to sync with the lunar cycle. I had heard this before but assumed it was just a myth or an old wives tale. Even so, I started paying attention to the moon phases and going outside at night a few times per week. To my surprise, I began to bleed around the new moon and ovulate with the full moon. My cycle has been this way for over a year now. Our feminine bodies really are fascinating!

The full moon brings with it a BIG energy. Miranda Gray refers to ovulating as as the expressive phase which reflects this lunar energy at this time. We can experience this energy as a sense of fullness and a desire to express ourselves. We allow energy to flow out of us into our relationships, our work and our communities.

In times of balance we can feel bold, magnetic and generous in our juicy, feminine energy. Or, when we feel we don’t have enough to give, we can experience the full moon energy as a feeling of being frazzled and overwhelmed. We feel stretched too thin and like everyone wants a piece of our energy.

Yoga and the full moon

Yoga can help us to manage the full moon phase and experience the expansive, joyful energies it can bring. Specifically a yoga full moon sequence designed to open up the heart space and connect to any emotional energy that is present allows us to make space to receive and then give from a full cup. We can use our yoga practice as a moment of pause in what can feel like a whirlwind experience.

This is usually the highest energy phase of our cycle. So we can fall into the trap of giving too much without taking the time to receive support on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. But if we slow down and connect to our inner resource, we can become a channel for energy to direct into whatever we choose. This means being intentional with our energy and not allowing it to diffuse and disappear into an endless to-do list. Instead we can acknowledge that we are creative beings and we have the power to create amazing things.

Yoga full moon sequence

A yoga full moon sequence includes:

  1. Mudra (hand gestures) and pranayama (breathwork practices) to connect to our feminine energy centers of the heart and womb space and to encourage energy flow between the two
  2. Circles and spirals of movement, especially in the hips and pelvis to encourage energy flow and circulation around the sacral chakra, the waters of the body and the seat of our feminine power and creativity
  3. Lunar salutes are a good alternative to traditional sun salutations to heat up the body in a gentle, flowing and graceful way
  4. Heart opening backbends to find expansive and open energy in the heart space. These can be supported or active depending on your energy levels
  5. Deep hip opening stretches, again to encourage energy flow around the pelvis and hips and to release stagnant or stuck energy which creates energy blockages in the body
  6. Restorative postures and meditation as a time to complete pause, find stillness and allow anything that needs to be witnessed to arise

Follow along yoga full moon sequence

Below is a follow along yoga full moon sequence you can practice at this time of the lunar cycle. This sequence and the tips above are inspired by the work of beautiful yoginis, particularly Uma Dinsmore-Tuli (author of Yoni Shakti), Ana Davis (author of Moving with the Moon) and Bobby Clennell (author of the Women’s Yoga Book) who I have learned so much from and incorporated into my own practice and teaching women’s yoga. I hope you enjoy and please comment below if you try it out!

Over to you…

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