Living yoga and travel in the gorgeous Evia Greece

Sometimes when I’m away from home in the middle of nowhere and haven’t stepped on my yoga mat for a while, a thought pops into my head that “I need to get back to my yoga practice”. Then I smile and laugh because I am more in my yoga practice than ever in these moments! It doesn’t matter if there are no yoga poses, complicated breathwork practice or meditation cushion involved. For me yoga and travel naturally go together.

Being in tune with the seasons and cycles of nature and my body and connecting deeply with loved ones feels just as “yogic” as the formal practice. Actually it’s kind of a short cut to that relaxed, blissed out state. That’s not to say that the traditional elements of the yoga path aren’t important. They help us to stay grounded and connected to our spirit in the middle of otherwise chaotic lives. But neither do we have to limit ourselves to one strict path.

Even the yoga sutras offer many suggestions and leave it open to us to find out own path to enlightenment. For me nature plays a big role in my spiritual health. yoga and travel, spending time in nature is when I feel most grounded and connected to my true self. I try to travel as much as I can to experience the healing powers of nature!

Incredible nature in Evia Greece

This weekend we visited one of my favourite places in the whole of Greece. The island of Evia which is just to the East of the mainland and connected by a bridge. It’s a stunning place with huge mountains, forests and gorgeous turquoise waters. Compared with other Greek islands, it has a less touristic and a much more local feel. Whenever I arrive there I take a big releasing exhale and feel my body, mind and spirit relax.

The beach at Limnionas is a combination of dark sand and pebbles with mountains and trees to provide much needed shade. Actually it is known for it’s burning sand which is impossible to step on in the middle of the day! The sea is perfect for swimming and gazing out at the seemingly endless horizon. I love just floating in the water letting my whole body relax and release tension. The sea has this magical capacity to cleanse and purify my whole being…

The area around the beach is calm and quiet with just a few cafes and taverns where you can find amazing local food. On the first evening we ate in Μανταλενας Ταβέρνα (Madalenas Taverna) which is a lovely outside terrace right at the beach. We tried all the locally grown salads and home cooked Greek specialities. Just when we thought it couldn’t get better, after the meal they brought us the juiciest, sweetest watermelon I’ve ever tasted!

The second night we drove up into the nearby village Μύλοι (Mili) to eat at a tavern recommended to us, Η Μαρδίτσα (E Marthitsa). The food was fantastic again and we even got a tour of the vegetable plot with heirloom tomatoes which had been in the family since the Ottoman Empire over 100 years ago. As we left the tavern, we saw a beautiful wild deer watching us from the trees. There was a moment of stillness were we watched each other before he galloped away into the forest. Such a magical moment!

At night we sat and enjoyed a beer on the terrace at the Lithoktiston Guest House where we stayed. It was still quite quiet as it’s early in the summer season but it was perfect. So peaceful with views across the whole bay and the mountains and the owners were so sweet. The temperature actually dropped quite a lot at night so we could sleep well without air conditioning. It definitely made a nice change for me as someone who will never get used to Greek summer weather…

Yoga and travel in Evia Greece

Usually when I go to Evia I fit in at least one yoga flow on the beach during the sunrise or the sunset. This time I felt like my body was asking for a complete rest. Instead I took some gentle walks on the beach and enjoyed lots of time reading and resting. Less formal practice but plenty of conscious deep breathing and a continuous mindfulness practice For me this is part of yoga, living in tune with the inner and outer seasons and becoming fully immersed in the present moment.

Saying that, I would love to organise a yoga and travel weekend in Limnionas as it really has the perfect atmosphere to drop in and go deep with the practice. If you would be interested in something like that, do let me know! There is something special and healing about this place and I’d love to share it with you. I hope you enjoyed this short insight into my yoga and travel adventures in Greece. For now, namaste.

Over to you…

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