Nourish your spirit with Ayurveda

To end week 1, we will focus on nourishing your spirit through Ayurveda. This is an ancient Indian holistic health practice and system of medicine. At it’s heart, Ayurveda has the principle of understanding your individual constitution and maintaining balance through appropriate diet, exercise and lifestyle choices as well as herbal medicine. It takes manyContinue reading “Nourish your spirit with Ayurveda”

What is your ayurveda body type?

For the last five years I have been deepening my yoga practice and learning more through my teacher training courses. Alongside this, I began to study and practice Ayurveda, in particular Ayurvedic Nutrition. This is an ancient Indian system of medicine which runs parallel to yoga. Ayurveda body type analysis is used to characterise individualsContinue reading “What is your ayurveda body type?”