Pregnant after hypothalamic amenorrhea! My story

I recently shared on my social media platforms the reason I’ve been quiet for the last couple of months. Just before the new year I found out that I am pregnant and at the end of the summer we will be becoming new parents! I had told family and friends but I didn’t want toContinue reading “Pregnant after hypothalamic amenorrhea! My story”

The magic of a yoga for fertility practice

I often get asked what style of yoga I teach in my Yoga for Women’s Health and Lunar Yoga classes. My teaching style in these classes is based on my training in yoga for fertility with Bliss Baby Yoga. This is a feminine approach to yoga which supports reproductive health and overall wellbeing for women.Continue reading “The magic of a yoga for fertility practice”

Hormonal imbalance symptoms in women

As a Nutritionist and Women’s Wellness Coach, I often work with women who want to balance their hormones. Hormone imbalances are actually very common and there are actually over 50 hormones at work in your body! But what are the hormonal imbalance symptoms in women that you should look out for? 10 hormonal imbalance symptomsContinue reading “Hormonal imbalance symptoms in women”

Causes for infertility and natural fertility treatments

What is infertility? What are the causes for infertility in both males and females? And what are the options for natural treatment of infertility? These are all questions I answer in this article so stay tuned! I often support women who are looking to improve their health and lifestyle in preparation to start a family.Continue reading “Causes for infertility and natural fertility treatments”