Sanne Hillemans, Greece (Yoga for Women’s Health)

I took a women’s health yoga class with Amy and it came at the perfect time for me! Moon phase of my cycle, dark moon yoga time. The class was soft and nurturing and truly felt like giving myself a gift. I would recommend it to any woman, simply because your deserve a moment to take a breath and be with yourself. Amy created a loving space and an environment that was supportive to yogi’s of all levels. I will surely go back to one of her classes!

Dorota Kukla, Greece (Yoga for Women’s Health)

Highly reccomended instructor, practicing yoga with her is a great experience!

Alle Gouskos, Greece (Yoga for Women’s Health)

Amy is an excellent instructor, mindful, peaceful and knowledgeable! Highly recommend

Penelope Rammos, Greece (Yoga for Women’s Health)

I just love Amy’s calm teaching style and have really enjoyed her yoga sessions. I am a beginner who has been drawn to but only ever previously dabbled with yoga and have not maintained my flexibility, fitness and strength over the years. I have felt secure in Amy’s hands – able to work within my capability within sessions that were gently paced but still stretching and impactful. Highly recommend.

Sarah, UK (Holistic Wellness Consultation)

Amy is wonderful to work with and very easy to open up to, she works holistically and was able to help me see things clearly, in a simple and structured way. Its ok to need a little bit of help, I consider myself quite clued up on health and wellbeing and also understand the importance of prioritising self-care but I still get overwhelmed, lost in the chaos of what life throws at me and sometimes lose sight of what is important. Reaching out and getting a bit of help from Amy really helped me get back on track and I feel already from 1 session I am able to nip things in the bud as I have clarity on what I need to do next, why I am doing it and what I want to achieve. Thank you Amy!

Helen, UK (Holistic Nutrition Consultation)

Amy is lovely to talk too, she understood my concerns and helped me to put my goals into a workable format that is easy to follow. She clearly listened to me and was very professional throughout our session. She is very understanding, clearly listens and understands her subjects. She is professional, polite, and calm when speaking to you.  She uses language you understand eg not technical words. She provides a written plan which is easy to follow. She explained to me in a language that I understood especially during our conversation about smoothies. Amy it is a pleasure to have you as my Coach and I would recommend you to anyone who is interested in improving their health and wellbeing. Thank you for your time and ongoing support.

Summer, UK (Holistic Wellness Coaching)

After coaching with Amy, I put myself first for the first time in a long time and realised that making lasting change is possible. I feel confident in knowing what I want and need to be happy and how to implement changes to get there. She listens to you on a personal level and responds accordingly, rather than having a checklist of things to say and do. The session was entirely tailored to me, I felt listened to throughout and she made everything seem achievable by giving realistic time frames and expectations. My session was really helpful and left a lasting impression.

Anne, Greece (Park Yoga and 1-2-1 Yoga)

Amy has such a beautiful calm, informative teaching approach with important insights too. She combines energy, holistic knowledge and positions that are deeply opening in such a transformative way. I really enjoy going to the yoga sessions she holds space for and was very fortunate to have a 1:1 session with her that really helped me move deeper and understand some of my limits yet have alternative moves when needed. She helps you understand the movements that you are doing and what they can help as well. I highly recommend Amy for anyone that is interested in yoga including beginners and more advanced.

Fiona, UK (Hatha Yoga for Beginners)

Amy is an excellent yoga teacher, with a really calm, engaging and informative teaching style. The classes are a lovely balance of flowing postures, longer held poses and breathing exercises. I look forward to the class every week and would highly recommend them to everyone whether you are a beginner, or intermediate or advanced.

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