Confirmed – Private yoga session

Thank you for booking your private yoga session with me. I am looking forward to meeting you and supporting you to improve your wellbeing!

Before your session…

  1. Take some time to reflect on your intentions for our work together. What is your experience with yoga, do you have any current or former injuries, what are your reasons for embarking on this journey with yoga, what do you hope the practice of yoga can support your with?
  2. Ensure you have a quiet, calm environment for your yoga practice. You will need a yoga mat and comfortable clothes to practice in. Additional props such as blocks, bolster, yoga strap and blankets are useful but not necessary. Please let me know what equipment you have available so I can adapt the practice appropriately
  3. Set up a 15 minute zoom call with me using the calendar below at least 24h prior to your session to share this information with me and ask any questions you may have. This way I can come prepared with a yoga session tailored to your individual needs