My journey to teaching yoga

My first experience with yoga

I first started practicing yoga in 2011, aged 18, when the gym I went to offered classes as part of their regular schedule. At the time it was just a way to stretch after my workout and burn a few extra calories. Little did I know that my yoga practice would become a lifeline and a key part of my recovery from disordered eating, hormonal imbalance and body image issues.

Yoga as therapy

I remember practicing what I learnt in class in my tiny bedroom in a shared student house throughout my university years. When I began my journey to healing my hormones, my yoga practice morphed into a way to ease the anxiety I was feeling as my body changed and begin to connect with and move my body in a whole new way, with a nurturing rather than punishing attitude.

Foundational teacher training

I completed my first 100 hours foundational yoga teacher training in 2016 with the British Wheel of Yoga. I had an amazing instructor Emma Lloyd who introduced me to the work of Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and the practice of womb yoga and tantra. I was surrounded by kind and inspirational women who supported me throughout a difficult time in my life.

yoga for self awareness- side bend

Becoming qualified as a teacher

In 2019 I completed a 200 hours yoga teacher training through the YMCA and became a qualified hatha yoga teacher. I continued my personal practice with some amazing teachers and feel even more in love with yoga.

I set up my first community class at the Yoga Cafe in Chorlton, Manchester. Since then, COVID happened and I began to teach online classed to my colleagues at work. This then evolved into a weekly small group yoga class which I love to teach to this day.

Teaching yoga in Greece

In 2021 I moved from the UK to Athens, Greece and despite the pandemic continuing I managed to teach some outdoors yoga classes for the first time which I loved. I am now looking for a permenant location for my weekly class and offering private yoga sessions.

I also began my 300 hours teacher training and am now deepening my understanding and awareness of the yoga practice including Ayurveda, pre-natal yoga, yin and restorative yoga and yoga therapy. I am excited to incorporate these teachings into my classes as I continue to learn!

best exercise for weight loss yoga in nature warrior 1
yoga teaching beginners warrior 2 pose

My teaching style

Often when I tell people I practice yoga, they reply that they would love to practice yoga but they feel embarrassed or they aren’t flexible enough. To me, yoga is for everyone and I love to teach classes that are accessible and provide a safe space for beginner yogis to master the basics. I teach foundational asana with detailed explanations of alignment and I guide my students through simple pranayama and meditation techniques to build energy and aid with relaxation.

My love for women’s yoga

I also love teaching yoga to women as a way to connect with their bodies and inner rhythms. Just as the moon moves through a lunar cycle each month, we women ebb and flow with our menstrual cycle and yoga is an amazing way to tune into the subtle changes we experience and work with them rather than against them. My yoga for women classes offer deep relaxation and restoration and incorporate elements of womb yoga that I have learnt on my own hormone healing journey.


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