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A comprehensive period recovery meal plan to support you on your journey to regain your menstrual cycle. The eBook includes a guide on eating to heal from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, answers to commonly asked questions plus 27 recipes and a sample 7 day period recovery meal plan.

Includes 7 recipes each for breakfast, lunch, dinner plus snack and drinks for sweet and savoury tastes. Each recipe is carefully designed to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to restore your hormones and natural fertility. All recipes are satisfying, quick and easy to make using real food ingredients – student and budget friendly!

I designed this meal plan as a guide to eating the minimum calorie recommendation for recovering your period. Many clients have told me they don’t know how to eat this number of calories without binge eating processed foods. So I created this period recovery meal plan to show how a nutritious and satisfying diet of 2500 calories per day could look. Of course you can of course eat more than this if desired by increasing portion sizes or adding snacks on top of the meal plan.

I have also provided macro and micro nutrient breakdowns for each of the 7 days of the period recovery meal plan and nutrient summaries for the individual recipes for those who are interested in learning where to source different nutrients. 

This period recovery meal plan is perfect for getting your period back if it has gone missing or become irregular after:

  • Restrictive or chronic dieting
  • Intense periods of exercise or stress
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Metabolic damage or adaptation

The nourishing foods and meals will help to rebuild your body, restore your hormones, reduce your stress levels. Eating this way has helped me and my clients experience increased energy, a clearer mind, higher sex drive, less anxiety, clearer skin and more!

Note – The meal plan includes some vegetarian recipes but is not suitable for vegans. Personally, I do not believe a vegan diet is best for nutritional rehabilitation and restoring hormonal health and fertility, although it can be supportive for those already in good health.