Third Christmas of complete food freedom!

This Christmas is my third of complete food freedom and I am feeling fantastic! I wanted to share this post today as I know many of my readers are currently in the process of letting go of dieting and finding true health. Where ever you are in the stage change process, this is for you.Continue reading “Third Christmas of complete food freedom!”

How to deal with weight gain in HA recovery

Hello everyone! Today I want to share my experience with dealing with weight gain in HA recovery. HA stands for Hypothalamic Amenorrhea and is when your periods stop because of under-eating, over-exercising, being underweight for your body or too much stress. I am sharing this because I know a big proportion of my audience haveContinue reading “How to deal with weight gain in HA recovery”

Fitspo and fitness influencers, helpful or harmful?

I actually wrote this post about 5 years ago for my first ever blog! This was before fitspo and fitness influencers were a huge thing, or at least they weren’t really on my radar. However, I think it is more relevant than ever today. I’ve updated it a little but the core message is stillContinue reading “Fitspo and fitness influencers, helpful or harmful?”