The pre-menstrual diet for better mood and energy

What to eat during the pre-menstrual phase to support your body, balance your hormones and minimise PMS symptoms

How to release intense pre-menstrual emotions

Right now I am in my pre-menstrual phase and I have been struggling a lot with difficult emotions. I am feeling unsettled, sad, angry, lost and confused. Luckily because I track my cycle I know that the pre-menstrual phase is the time of the month when things like this are most likely come up. AsContinue reading “How to release intense pre-menstrual emotions”

A new perspective on pre-menstrual symptoms

If I ask women which part of their menstrual cycle they like the least I can almost guarantee it will either be the menstrual or pre-menstrual phases. For some, extreme pain and heavy bleeding can make menses a horrible time of the month. For others, suffering from mood swings, fatigue, headaches and a whole rangeContinue reading “A new perspective on pre-menstrual symptoms”