How to set health goals for the new year

In yesterday’s post I asked you to think about what it means to be healthy. So you now have an idea of what true health means to you. Hopefully you also tried the visualization exercise and you now have an image of your healthiest self. Today I want to share my tips on how toContinue reading “How to set health goals for the new year”

What does it mean to be healthy?

Today is the 1st January, the start of a new year and a new project for me! January is a time when lots of us want to get healthier and fitter. To get back to some healthy habits after indulging over the festive period or maybe lose some holiday weight. When we want to makeContinue reading “What does it mean to be healthy?”

My experience with insomnia and fatigue

Fatigue is such an awkward topic to discuss. It’s one of those conditions that people who haven’t experienced just don’t understand. It isn’t visible so unless you go around complaining about it all of the time, people assume you are fine. Or if you do try to explain to others they think it is theContinue reading “My experience with insomnia and fatigue”

How to reduce stress and balance hormones

We all know by now that stress plays a major role in our overall health. Stress has been linked to diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and most definitely to hormone related conditions such as PCOS and hypothalamic amenorrhea. It is important to reduce stress and calm down your nervous system to heal from anyContinue reading “How to reduce stress and balance hormones”

Amazing diet for ovulation and fertility support

Final post in the how to eat to support your menstrual cycle series! This time we are looking at the diet for ovulation and fertility support. What is ovulation? When is the ovulatory phase? For those who enjoy being active and productive, ovulation can be the phase of the cycle where you feel most atContinue reading “Amazing diet for ovulation and fertility support”

How to avoid a terrible pre-menstruum

I’m on day 6 of my cycle and have just come out of a terrible pre-menstruum and challenging bleed. I had a lot going on last month. As well as my day job, I had a deadline to submit a nutrition article to a scientific journal which fell on day 23 of my cycle. SoContinue reading “How to avoid a terrible pre-menstruum”