Help! How do I find my purpose in life?

how do you find your purpose

We are coming to the end of the 2022 Women’s Wellness Challenge. I hope you have taken something helpful as you have followed along with this series. I have enjoyed writing it so much and it has been a learning experience for me too. Today’s topic is especially interesting as I too am on a journey to find my purpose in life.

Don’t forget to save the link to the posts in case you want to come back to something at a later date! Even though this was (supposed to be) a 5 week challenge, there is so much to integrate over the months to come so feel free to revisit each topic slowly to really absorb the information and put into practice to support your wellbeing.

Today’s post is all about following your passions and asking “how do I find my purpose in life?”

How does finding your purpose support your wellbeing?

I believe that we all have something that lights us up and energises us from within. Something we feel that we came here to do. By this I don’t necessarily mean your work or your career. I think there is almost a pressure these days to turn your passion into your job and I don’t think it always needs to be. Your purpose could be anything from a creative pursuit, volunteering for a charitable cause to being a community leader or activist.

Having a purpose in life helps you to give your life meaning and value. When we feel that we are part of something greater than ourselves or that we are contributing to society in a meaningful way, we naturally experience heightened self-worth and a sense of confidence in ourselves. Having meaningful goals gives our lives direction and gives us a reason to get out of bed in the morning on difficult days.

There is a profound sense of wellbeing that arises when we feel we have a purpose and we are following it with all of our heart. When we are following our passions we can tap into a natural state or flow and draw energy from some invisible resource. This energy can then overflow into other areas of our lives including our relationships, family and communities. Our spirit is enlivened when we follow our passions and live our purpose and it shows giving us that vitality and spark from within.

Of course, this comes with practicing balance and self-care. It is also possible to burn out if we follow our passions with no regard for rest and recharge – a lesson that keeps showing up to be learned in my life!

How do you find your purpose?

Finding your purpose can sometimes be more difficult than it sounds. If it feels complicated to you, perhaps you are over thinking it. Often we believe our life purpose has to be a grand goal when it reality it can be anything that gives our lives meaning. Usually our purpose is the most obvious thing in our life. The thing that keeps popping up where ever we go. The thing we find any excuse to bring into conversation. Whatever we naturally gravitate towards when we have free time and no demands.

So how do you find your purpose? Greater Good Magazine shared six tips for finding your purpose:

  1. Read widely to connect with others
  2. Understand your life’s lessons
  3. Cultivate gratitude and awe
  4. Notice what you are remembered for
  5. Find or build community
  6. Tell your story

Very Well Mind have also offered similar tips to discover your life purpose:

  1. Volunteering time or money to help others
  2. Seek feedback about your strengths
  3. Spend time with positive and inspiring people
  4. Start conversations with strangers
  5. Explore your interests
  6. Go after injustices that trigger you
  7. Focus on what you love

Notice some similar themes? Finding your purpose is all about getting out into the world, spending time with others, going after whatever triggers strong emotions in you (especially joy!) and being generous with your time and energy. When we feel tired or stuck in a rut, these can be the last things we want to do. It becomes easy to stay in our routine and within our comfort zone. But to create a meaningful life that supports our wellbeing, sometimes we need to get a little uncomfortable!

A shift in perception towards meaning

Sometimes we are already following our passions and purpose but we fall into the trap of living in auto-pilot. Instead of giving true meaning and intention to our actions, we act out of habit and obligation. For example, I love teaching yoga and supporting women to improve their health and wellbeing. However, if I am feeling unmotivated or tired I can end up serving from a place of responsibility and duty rather than from a full heart space. Not only does this drain my energy but it does not support my students and clients fully either.

This could be the same for anyone in a healing or teaching profession, someone supporting a charitable cause or an artist creating a masterpiece. It can happen with mothers dedicating to nurturing a family or with sports women aiming for a world record. Falling into habitual action and forgetting our purpose and our values can impact our wellbeing as we lose the sense of meaning in our day to day lives. We might feel tired and stressed and wonder why we are doing what we do.

In this situation, simple shift in perception can often make all of the difference. A daily reminder of our purpose, why we are doing what we are doing, can be enough to take us from feeling lost, bored or overwhelmed to passionate and vital again. We can support our wellbeing by reigniting our passions and knowing that we are here with a purpose and loving what we do. This fills our heart space with prana or life life energy that radiates into the rest of our lives.

Today’s challenge: How do I find my purpose in life?

So for today’s challenge, I encourage you to spend some time reflecting on your life so far. Ask yourself which life experiences have you had which have inspired you to share and express yourself or to help others in some way? This could be witnessing someone suffering and having the desire to help, being moved emotionally by art or literature, being taught a skill at a young age and diving into it or perhaps experiencing chronic illness and awakening the desire to help others to heal.

Then ask yourself what can you do to bring more of this into your life? Maybe you need to change your lifestyle to create space for something new. Or perhaps nothing needs to change but a shift in perception.

Over to you…

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how do you find your purpose