Recipes for your period: Banana oat pancakes

As promised, here is the recipe for the banana oat pancakes I made on the first day of my period. I’m not much of one for complicated recipes so this one is simple and quick. I’m sure you can find many pancake recipes out there but this is one that worked for me. I loveContinue reading “Recipes for your period: Banana oat pancakes”

How to avoid a terrible pre-menstruum

I’m on day 6 of my cycle and have just come out of a terrible pre-menstruum and challenging bleed. I had a lot going on last month. As well as my day job, I had a deadline to submit a nutrition article to a scientific journal which fell on day 23 of my cycle. SoContinue reading “How to avoid a terrible pre-menstruum”

Was your first period empowering or forgettable?

Do you remember when you got your first period? How did you feel.. empowered? Afraid? Ashamed? Energised? Powerful? Disappointed? Excited? For me it was a pretty forgettable experience. Actually I don’t even remember the exact age although I know I was around 11-12 years old. I couldn’t tell you whether I was at home orContinue reading “Was your first period empowering or forgettable?”