THE Hypothalamic Amenorrhea recovery meal plan

It’s been a bit quieter around here for a while, and for a very good reason! For a long time I have wanted to create a tool to support women to recover their missing periods. I know that changing my diet was one of the hardest things parts of my period recovery journey. So, myContinue reading “THE Hypothalamic Amenorrhea recovery meal plan”

How to deal with weight gain in HA recovery

Hello everyone! Today I want to share my experience with dealing with weight gain in HA recovery. HA stands for Hypothalamic Amenorrhea and is when your periods stop because of under-eating, over-exercising, being underweight for your body or too much stress. I am sharing this because I know a big proportion of my audience haveContinue reading “How to deal with weight gain in HA recovery”

Top foods to increase your metabolism

After my last post about when low calorie density diets don’t work, I got a few email questions asking about foods to increase your metabolism. I have to admit, this is something I am still in the process of figuring out. I went way off in the wrong direction during the first years of myContinue reading “Top foods to increase your metabolism”

Drinking too much water is unhealthy?

Most people worry about drinking enough water these days and getting in their “8 glasses a day”. There are even water bottles with markers on showing how much water you should have drank by this time of the day. This really freaks me out! Are we really so detached from our bodies that we needContinue reading “Drinking too much water is unhealthy?”

Exciting news: How I got my period back after 8 years!

I shared a story a while ago about my experience with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA) and how I got my period back. But I finally decided to make a video about this topic as I realised just how important it is to spread this message. I don’t know whether it is just the online circles IContinue reading “Exciting news: How I got my period back after 8 years!”

How to exercise safely during HA recovery

If you have read my last post on Why has my period stopped and how do I get it back?  you will know that I recommend to take a break from intense exercise when you are trying to get your period back. This includes any form of intense cardio such as running or HIIT as wellContinue reading “How to exercise safely during HA recovery”

The HA recovery diet: How to eat to get your period back

Chronic or restrictive dieting is one of the major reasons for missing periods. Nourishing your body is one of the best ways to get your period back! But what is the perfect HA recovery diet? What should you eat to get your period back if it has gone missing? In my previous posts I statedContinue reading “The HA recovery diet: How to eat to get your period back”