Cultivating gratitude to experience wellbeing

Welcome back to the Women’s Wellness Challenge! I had to take a break for a week due to some personal challenges so we didn’t quite finish in January. But now we are back and ready to take on the fifth and final week of the challenge which is all about transcendence. Today’s post is aboutContinue reading “Cultivating gratitude to experience wellbeing”

Nourish your mind with kind thoughts

So far we have covered in depth the topics of nourishing yourself through food, movement and rest. Today we are shifting the focus slightly onto nourishing the more subtle bodies, particularly the mental or emotional body aka Manomaya kosha. Having the perfect diet and workout regime can only get you so far if your mindContinue reading “Nourish your mind with kind thoughts”

Get clear on what you WANT for your health

Today we are following on from my previous post about how it is time for a reboot. I realised that in order to “get back on track” we need to have a good idea of what that means. So often we focus on what we DON’T want for our health. We waste time and energyContinue reading “Get clear on what you WANT for your health”

The importance of gratitude and celebration for your health

I wanted to choose the subject of gratitude for the final post in this series to say thank you to anyone who has stuck with me this whole month. I really had fun writing these posts, I hope you enjoyed them too and maybe learned something that will help you to improve your health. IfContinue reading “The importance of gratitude and celebration for your health”

How self-criticism can destroy your health

We’ve all been there.. one day we are feeling strong and confident and the next it is like the rug has been pulled from underneath our feet. Your inner critic goes beserk, bringing up all the reasons why you should dislike yourself, bringing up past mistakes and failures and highlighting all of your “imperfections”. AsContinue reading “How self-criticism can destroy your health”