The simple path towards better health in all areas

When you start out on the journey to better heath it can be difficult to know where to start. Should you focus on eating a more nutritious diet or try moving your body? Maybe start a meditation practice or develop your personal relationships? These are all great ways to improve your health which can leadContinue reading “The simple path towards better health in all areas”

Grow your wisdom to support your wellbeing

We have arrived at week 4 of the Women’s Wellness Challenge which is all about growing your wisdom. I hope you are enjoying the challenge so far, whether you are following along with me in January 2022 or you have found this post at some point in the future. This weeks’ topic of wisdom isContinue reading “Grow your wisdom to support your wellbeing”

Powerful meditation for self compassion

What does self-compassion mean? Welcome to week three of the Women’s Wellness Challenge! Thank you again to Well College Global who have inspired this series. I hope you have enjoyed the first two weeks on the topics of nourishment and connection. This week, we will be talking all about compassion, starting with self compassion. IContinue reading “Powerful meditation for self compassion”

How does self esteem affect your health?

In today’s post I want to share why self esteem is important for improving your health. As someone who has struggled with low self esteem most of my life, I have observed how it impacted my own health and wellbeing. Through my coaching practice I now want to help other women believe in themselves. AsContinue reading “How does self esteem affect your health?”

Identify with your vision for amazing health

I had an experience this week which got me thinking about the importance of change talk. Especially the importance of truly identifying your vision for health. This is such an important change to make if you want to be successful in reaching your health goals. For anyone who didn’t know, I am currently shifting careerContinue reading “Identify with your vision for amazing health”

How self-criticism can destroy your health

We’ve all been there.. one day we are feeling strong and confident and the next it is like the rug has been pulled from underneath our feet. Your inner critic goes beserk, bringing up all the reasons why you should dislike yourself, bringing up past mistakes and failures and highlighting all of your “imperfections”. AsContinue reading “How self-criticism can destroy your health”

What is self sabotaging your health and how to stop

What is self sabotaging your health? Ever wondered why you just can’t seem to that new diet, exercise regime or self-care plan? Have you set yourself hundreds of goals for your health. Then just when you seem to be on the right track you do something to mess it up? Do you find yourself fallingContinue reading “What is self sabotaging your health and how to stop”

Masculine energy and the over-controller in goal setting

Yesterday’s post in this real health series was on how to set health goals for the new year. I explained how to set SMART goals to help you to move towards your vision of health. I do believe that setting goals can be a great way to give you motivation and direction. Goals also createContinue reading “Masculine energy and the over-controller in goal setting”