Morning routine for mental health

Today I want to talk about the power of a morning routine for mental health. Let’s start by imagining this scenario… you wake up at 7.45am, 15 minutes before you need to start work, you rush to have a shower and get dressed, switch the TV onto the news channel, make yourself a coffee thenContinue reading “Morning routine for mental health”

Full moon forgiveness ritual

Last night I randomly woke up around 3.30am. I lay awake in bed for a bit but I had this nagging urge to get up and move around. I do get insomnia pretty often and with the current lockdown situation its been worse than usual so I wasn’t too surprised but then I looked outContinue reading “Full moon forgiveness ritual”

The power of a morning ritual during a crisis

I have known about the power of the “morning ritual” for a while now and it was a key part in my healing from hypothalamic amenorrhea and adrenal fatigue, but with work and other commitments its very easy for this to fall by the wayside. With the current global drama that is sweeping the planetContinue reading “The power of a morning ritual during a crisis”