How does self esteem affect your health?

In today’s post I want to share why self esteem is important for improving your health. As someone who has struggled with low self esteem most of my life, I have observed how it impacted my own health and wellbeing. Through my coaching practice I now want to help other women believe in themselves. AsContinue reading “How does self esteem affect your health?”

Self-compassion on your path to better health

How would you rate your self-compassion on a scale of 1-10? What is self-compassion? Self-compassion has been defined as: “the capacity to comfort and sooth ourselves, and to motivate ourselves with encouragement when we suffer, fail or feel inadequate.” Chris Germer from the Centre for Mindful Self-Compassion “being kind and understanding when confronted with personalContinue reading “Self-compassion on your path to better health”

How self-criticism can destroy your health

We’ve all been there.. one day we are feeling strong and confident and the next it is like the rug has been pulled from underneath our feet. Your inner critic goes beserk, bringing up all the reasons why you should dislike yourself, bringing up past mistakes and failures and highlighting all of your “imperfections”. AsContinue reading “How self-criticism can destroy your health”

Yoga and body image: powerful tools and traps to avoid

I’m really enjoying teaching my online Yoga for Women classes on Sunday evenings. It’s a really cosy way to end the weekend and to connect with other women whilst we are in lockdown. If you’re interested in joining the class contact me and I will send you the joining details. This week the class themeContinue reading “Yoga and body image: powerful tools and traps to avoid”