Grow your wisdom to support your wellbeing

We have arrived at week 4 of the Women’s Wellness Challenge which is all about growing your wisdom. I hope you are enjoying the challenge so far, whether you are following along with me in January 2022 or you have found this post at some point in the future. This weeks’ topic of wisdom isContinue reading “Grow your wisdom to support your wellbeing”

Choose compassion over judgement of others

Following on from the previous topic of self-compassion, today I want to talk about choosing compassion for others over judgement. Showing compassion has positive impacts on our wellbeing as individuals but also for society as a whole. It helps to strengthen our character and build resilient and connected communities which support our health and wellbeing.Continue reading “Choose compassion over judgement of others”

What does self-compassion mean for your wellbeing?

What does self-compassion mean? Welcome to week three of the Women’s Wellness Challenge! I hope you have enjoyed the first two weeks on the topics of nourishment and connection. This week, we will be talking all about compassion which is the third pillar of personal wellness according to Well College Global who have inspired thisContinue reading “What does self-compassion mean for your wellbeing?”

The power of connecting with nature

To finish off week two of the Women’s Wellness Challenge, which is all about connection, I want to share the importance of connecting with nature for our wellbeing. Connecting with yourself, with others around you and with the natural environment are all essential elements of creating a healthy and balanced life. When we are feelingContinue reading “The power of connecting with nature”

Nurture your connections with others

Yesterday, I shared about the importance of a strong connection with ourselves. Equally important is the connection we have with others in our lives. Having positive relationships helps us to feel supported, loved and like we belong which is extremely important for our wellbeing. Not only that, strong social connections improve your physical and mentalContinue reading “Nurture your connections with others”

Connect to your true self

The second week of the Women’s Wellness Challenge is all about connection. That is connection to our inner selves, others around us and the beautiful planet we call home. Feeling connected is such an important aspect of our overall wellbeing. Without connection we can feel lonely, isolated and unsupported. On the other hand, feeling connectedContinue reading “Connect to your true self”

Nourish your spirit with Ayurveda

To end week 1, we will focus on nourishing your spirit through Ayurveda. This is an ancient Indian holistic health practice and system of medicine. At it’s heart, Ayurveda has the principle of understanding your individual constitution and maintaining balance through appropriate diet, exercise and lifestyle choices as well as herbal medicine. It takes manyContinue reading “Nourish your spirit with Ayurveda”

Nourish your mind with kind thoughts

So far we have covered in depth the topics of nourishing yourself through food, movement and rest. Today we are shifting the focus slightly onto nourishing the more subtle bodies, particularly the mental or emotional body aka Manomaya kosha. Having the perfect diet and workout regime can only get you so far if your mindContinue reading “Nourish your mind with kind thoughts”

Prioritise deep rest and sleep

Over the last couple of days, we have covered two foundational topics for your wellbeing, that is eating nourishing food and moving your body. Today we are talking about the third very important factor which completes the trio: getting enough rest and good quality sleep. We all know that a good nights’ sleep can doContinue reading “Prioritise deep rest and sleep”

Move your body and be happy

Exercise is another word that is often tainted with negative connotations. Why do most women exercise? Usually to burn calories, lose weight, tone up or compensate for over eating. Thinking about exercise in this way makes it feel like a chore or a punishment. It’s no wonder that it can be so hard to buildContinue reading “Move your body and be happy”