Yoga and the menstrual cycle / Yoga for women

Today I decided to post my first video on Youtube – eek! I really wanted to share how yoga can benefit women and how we can modify our practice to align with our hormonal cycles. I’m not very confident with speaking in front of a camera but I’m sure that will improve with time andContinue reading “Yoga and the menstrual cycle / Yoga for women”

How to practice fluid feminine energy yoga

Yoga means something different to everyone. There are so many lineages, teaching styles and practices to choose from. One person can have a completely different experience to the next. There is a debate about “modern yoga” and whether it fully reflects the depths of the ancient yoga teachings. But this isn’t what I want toContinue reading “How to practice fluid feminine energy yoga”

My experience with insomnia and fatigue

Fatigue is such an awkward topic to discuss. It’s one of those conditions that people who haven’t experienced just don’t understand. It isn’t visible so unless you go around complaining about it all of the time, people assume you are fine. Or if you do try to explain to others they think it is theContinue reading “My experience with insomnia and fatigue”

How to manage tough pre-menstrual syndrome during lockdown

During the COVID19 lockdowns, managing pre-menstrual syndrome has been tough! I thought it would be mid-cycle that would be difficult as this is the time when I am much more motivated to be out there doing things and meeting people. But I tend to crave a lot of time alone during the pre-menstrual phase andContinue reading “How to manage tough pre-menstrual syndrome during lockdown”